Living in a fashion-based world gives you tons of opportunities to try on many beauty experiments on body parts. One of the beauty experiments that has gained all the attention of fashion freaks is eyelash extensions. To beautify eyes, this is an excellent way to make the eye look dramatic yet stylish to all looks. But before doing any eyelash extension, you need to question whether you should try this on your natural lashes, as many risks and side effects are often overlooked.


The Possible Risks and Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions That You Need To Know


The eye look catches all attention and makes people fall in love. Fake eyelashes adore the beauty of the eyes and give an ever-so-satisfying eye look. To achieve that wow eye look, people tend to bear many risks and side effects that may harm their natural eyelashes.


The Risks of Eyelash Extension


Now, you must be watchful and intelligent simultaneously before you do any eyelash extension procedure. The risks of eyelash extensions are:


  • Swelling


Doing any eye treatment may give you a bit of swelling in your eyes, and it can be seen as normal as eyes are very sensitive. But, your eyes can swell due to any allergic reaction to the eye glue. The swelling in your eyelashes may stay for 24 hours or more, which can sometimes be unbearable.


  • Infection


If eyelashes are not put nicely on your eyes, you may get an infection that can worsen your tension. While eyelash extension treatment, if any dirt, bacteria, or fungus enters your eyes, it can be a severe issue, and you might need immediate medical attention. Eye infection can affect your eye vision and make your eyes blur. So, you must be super sure about your final eyelash extension process with your expert.


  • Fall of natural eyelashes


By using eyelash extensions, you wish to make your natural eyelashes look full and voluminous, but it can be the opposite. If eyelash extensions are appropriately done, you may retain natural eyelashes and make your eyes look full.


However, these are some of the serious risks that may compel you to think twice about eyelash extensions. Everything has two sides; you have to be aware of both sides as it’s about your eyes.


The Side Effects Of Eyelash Extension


If you are planning eyelash extension treatment, then you may have some side effects, and these are side effects that you cannot easily ignore, such as:


  • Pain


Eye pain may not be a common issue, but if you undergo eyelash extension, you might feel pain in your eye areas. The pain can lead to a burning sensation which can be a real pain. This may not be severe pain; it can go away in some days, but you must be careful with precautions.


  • Itching


Eyelash extension treatment does come with itching and irritation that can taste your patient. You may notice that your eyes have become severely red or bloodshot due to itching. Sadly, if you itch too much, you may get into extra trouble, mainly because of the eyelash glue that seeps into the eyes and makes the eyes watery and red.


  • Discomfort


When you try something new in the eyes, it’s apparent that you might feel some discomfort at some point. But there can be another reason for the pain: eyelashes not suited to the eyes. As a result of this discomfort, there can be frequent discharge of pus. If your eyelash extension goes wrong, then this can make your vision weak.


Who does not want a perfect eyelash extension look and flaunt their eyes to the world to obtain that? People have to suffer a bit of anxiety and irritation. Therefore, if you want eyelash extensions for your beautiful eyes, you can have a go, but you have to take all the details about eyelash extensions’ risks and side effects. By knowing all the information, you can decide whether you should get an eyelash extension or stick to the old mascara application routine.