Eyelash extension has been the talk of the town as it has given hope to people with unsatisfied lashes. But, going back to history, eyelashes were made of many unusual things. But, in the 19th century, it was easy to put on as it only needed to be glued to the eyelids. Eyelashes are purposely made for people who want their eyes to look bigger and make them look stand out among all. When the lash extension was introduced to Hollywood, it became miraculously popular and sold annually in the coming years. 


The History of Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extension has been the most talked about matter in the fashion industry. People love eyelash extensions, and it has made makeup easy for them. In the old times, people were urged to extend their eyelashes but could not fulfill their desire. Things changed rapidly when people started to use the extension process and realized this could enhance their eye’s beauty. From era to era, the eyelash extension process was changed and improved. 


● Eyelash extension in Ancient era


At the beginning of 3500 B.C., a small number of people started to explore the extension option. The Ancient Egyptians were the ones who started using eyelash extensions, and their lashes were fluttery and voluminous. Not only women, men too used fake eyelash extensions in that era, and the material they used for lashes was malachite because it could darken their natural lashes. Some people used to believe that using eyelash extensions could save their eyes from the temptation of heat. After some years, around 753 B.C., the Romans desired to have glamorous eyelashes, so they adopted eyelash extension practice and used eyelash material like burnt cork and coal. 


● Eyelash extension in Middle Ages 


The desire for eyelash extensions continued in the Middle age as this had become a renowned fashion symbol. Soon after the craze for eyelash extensions, people of Middle age were determined about their belief that having too much hair in the eyes seems unusual. Women started to pluck out their lashes or their eyebrows because they wanted to show their forehead. This method was dangerous as eyelashes are essential for the eyes and protect the eye from dirt. The eyelash extension process was abandoned and went out of trend as people began to do bizarre eyelash tactics. 


● Eyelash extension in 19 Century 


In the mid- 1800, mascara was created, and it evolved as a fashion icon in the 19th century. Yet, people wanted to extend their eyelashes, so the method suggested at that time was to cut the ends of eyelashes so the growth of eyelashes would be more. Another treatment to extend the eyelash is using ointment and washing eyelashes with walnut leaves and water. But, this process could have given better results to people as there was no improvement.  


● Eyelash extension in the 20th century 


By the entrance of the 20th century, the techniques of eyelash extension were improved, and it became popular as it was easy to use. The eyelashes were made with human hair woven with a fine gauze material. The eyelash extension seemed so natural that it was hard to identify whether the fake eyelashes were fake. The methods were famous worldwide, and the eyelash extension was very well suited to the culture and fashion sense of people. 


● Eyelash extension in 21 Century 


In the 21 century, semi-permanent eyelashes are being widely used. The eyelash extension used in modern times comes in many options, like synthetic fibers, silk, animal hairs, and more. The materials are very skin friendly and lightweight, so that they can be worn easily. The semi-permanent eyelash extension has made people’s lives easier as they do not have to be worried about the glue on their eyelids. Modern eyelash extensions suit human desires as they are much more comfortable and better than previous options. 


Without any doubt, eyelash extension has a brief history, and the techniques kept improving over the decades. From the old methods to the new ones, eyelash extension has emerged as the most demanded thing in the fashion world. In the future, the popularity of eyelash extensions will rise and evolve in new forms.