Having beautiful long hair is every girl’s dream; to fulfill this goal, girls tend to do many treatments. Among all treatments, the best option that has given hope to long hair lovers is hair extension services. So, without any delay, do hair extensions and enjoy your new hairstyle confidently. But sometimes people get over-excited and damage their hair due to improper hair extension care. Nevertheless, it is safe to know about all the necessary dos and don’ts of hair extension care for your betterment.


The Dos Of Hair Extension Care You Need To Follow 


Hair extensions can be a perfect decision to make your hair look full and voluminous. This option is getting widely popular, and the most fun part is that hair extension is not complicated, but there are many dos and don’ts that people need to remember to follow. Based on expert advice, there are some mandatory dos and don’ts of hair extension care that you need to follow; after that, your hair will be damage free and strong from roots. Hence, the dos of hair extension care are:


  • Normal brush


Brushing your hair is essential as it makes it look tidy, and you should touch your hair extension so there would be no tangles. Normally brush your hair from the ends of the roots with gentle hands.


  • Do visit the salon for regular updates


Hair extensions are good for hair, but to maintain them, you must visit the salon to avoid any unnecessary mishaps. The hair care tips they will provide will make your extension more lasting.


  • Short breaks from extension


You may have done any hair extension which looks perfect on your natural hair. But, do take short breaks from extensions so that your scalp remains undamaged, and let your hair rest a bit from glutes and extensions.


  • Shampoo with soft hands


Hair can quickly get dusty and full of dandruff, so you must shampoo, even if you have hair extensions installed. You must wash your hair with your preferred shampoo and use soft hands to clear all dirt from the scalp and hair ends.


  • Use proper hair products


Many hair care products are available in the market, but you have to choose those products that protect your hair extension from getting spoiled. You can use oils or other hair care products, but they should be standard brands.


You must follow these dos to make your hair extension everlasting. You have to care about your natural hair so that the extension does not affect them.


The Don’ts Of Hair Extension That You Must Stick To 


After hair extension treatment, people need to follow the hair extension don’ts. As a result, their hair starts to fall, and their roots get fragile. You must care for your hair extension and follow experts’ advice. Thus, it would be best if you stuck to some hair extension don’ts, and these are:


  • Do not stay long in the heat


Too much heat can expose your hair extension and damage the entire extension process. Stay away from the heat, as it will cut down hair extensions’ lifespan.


  • Do not buy faulty hair extension


The market is full of various qualities of hair extension, but you have to pick the one of good material and quality. Bad-quality hair extensions will easily get tangled and brittle and will not look silky when exposed to heat.


  • Don’t go to sleep with wet hairs


Sleeping with wet hair can cause discomfort and mess up your hair extension style. Take time and dry your hair so your extension remains soft and tangle free.


  • Do not mistakenly rub or pull your hairs


Hair extensions suit your hair and give you a natural look, but do not mistakenly rub or pull your hair with rough hands. Try to squeeze excess water from your hair and let them dry for some




To conclude, these were the essential dos and don’ts you must consider with attention. Hair extensions will add more beauty to your looks, but you have to take care of the extension so that it can be used for a long time with no complaints.