If you want to try something new to enhance your beautiful hair, then you have an attractive option: hair extension. This might sound new to you, but people of the modern world are drooling ever on it. Thus, why should you stay caught up? Just do hair extensions and make your hairstyle more attractive and lengthy. But, before any new hair experiment, it is always better to clearly understand the types of hair extensions and their pros and cons.


The Different Types of Hair Extensions You Must Know


You will find different types of hair extension options when it comes to hair extension treatment. The unique hair extension option will surely blow your mind and confuse you to choose one. Some of the commonly famous types of hair extensions are:


  • Clip-in hair extension


Clip-in hair extensions are relatively easy-to-use hair extensions that can be applied at home with all comfort. It takes little time and can be removed whenever you like. They are known as the least permanent style of extension and do not have any heat, pressure, or chemical, so there is no chance of hair damage.


  • Tape in hair extension


This choice is famous for all hairstyle lovers as it gives hair a thick texture. Just as the name, they are taped in the hair, provide a weightless hair length, and can be used more than two times. Tape in hair extension is glued together at the hair’s roots, making it more lasting. It comes with little or no maintenance, so you are pain-free.


  • Sew in hair extension


Sew-in hair extensions, mostly known as weave hair, are the best choices for people who want thicker hair. This is a very long process of hair extension that needs much time and is only applied by hairdressers.


  • Bonded hair extension


Bonded hair extension, known as keratin bond extension, has been a top favorite choice for hairstyle lovers. The process does take some hours, but the result is soothing to the eyes as they are super flexible to the hair roots. This hair extension can uplift your hair, making your hair look more longevity and fit.


  • Microbeads


Microbeads can be an excellent option if you want a simple hair extension that gives you a stunning look. They use tiny beads and pliers instead of hair extensions. They do not need glue or adhesive to stick on hairs; they are generally attracted to the hairs with no pain.


These were some of the trendy hair extension types that have made headlines. Each option is too good and will make your hair smooth and silky.


The Pros of Hair Extension 


The pros of hair extensions can excite you and make you more confident about hair extensions. The pros are:


  • Instant voluminous hair


When you are unsatisfied with your regular hair, you go for hair extensions, which can give you instant voluminous, real-looking hair in no time.


  • Lasts long


Natural hair may not last long, but hair extensions are perfect as they can last long, depending on the hair extension method.


  • Hides split ends


Hair split ends are a never-ending story as it comes back rapidly, but when you wear hair extensions, they cover them and make your hair look more lustful.


The Cons of Hair Extension 


Before any hair extension, you should be aware of the cons of hair extension to be cautious. The cons are:


  • Expensive


Any hair extension type is a fancy option, but this can be an expensive option at the same time. You have to be ready with extra cash, and it can be a lengthy process, which will take your time.


  • Not easy maintenance


You may get flattered by the beautiful types of hair extension options, but the maintenance of each hair extension may come with a challenging understanding.


Last Thought

Therefore, these are some of the in-depth details that will give you a clear idea about hair extension and related topics. Hair extension is the best option if you want to make your hair long with minimal effects.