If you are fed up with your regular lash style, eyelash extension is the best option. You must be wondering if eyelash costing can be very expensive but wait; you’re mistaken. The cost of eyelash extensions can be in your range, but you have to be careful while applying extension procedures. While extending eyelashes, you need to be aware of the cost of eyelashes and what little things you have to keep in mind. 


Things You Need To Know Before You Book for Eyelash Extension 


Eyelash extension has been the go-to option for fashion lovers, and they love this on their lashes. Verily, you can get many eyelash experts in the market, but picking one from random can be risky. You can be in trouble if you do not book the right eyelash expert. Hence, there are certain things you need to know before you book eyelash extensions Melbourne. Such as: 


● Costings 


The most important part you have to look at while booking an eyelash expert. Before any lash extension, grab some idea about eyelash costing. On average, the cost of lash extensions in Melbourne is around $100 to $150. If you want to go for a dramatic lash extension, you have to spend a little more, like $150 to $ 200. In the minimum package, like $99 to $130, you will get two weeks standard extension refill with a good lash volume. However, if you choose the lavish package for $220, you will get 2-3 weeks of standard gigantic refills, plenty of lash options, and other special services. You must know about the cost of eyelashes to select the perfect one. 


● Eyelashes quality 


Over the decades, the process of eyelashes has improved so has its material quality. Earlier, eyelashes were made with rugged materials, and taking them out of the eye was tough. Now there is various eyelash extension quality available in the market; you can get an easy idea about the types of eyelash extensions, the application process, supplies, sanitation, and more. After having good overall information, you can choose a high-quality eyelash extension within your cost range and book the suitable one according to your preferences. 


● Curls styles 


Curls in the lashes always look beautiful, uplifting the beauty to another level. If you imagine any eyelash curls to be applied to your lashes, getting some core idea about the curl styles will be better. Eyelash experts tend to offer lengths, thickness, and patterns of curls. Among all options, B & C are the famous curls, whereas J and D curls can also give a dramatic eye look. Rings look best with balanced length and thickness. Know about the curls styles and think wisely about which curl will suit your lashes and face shape. 


● Ratings 


While you book for a lash expert, you may receive high to low ratings. You have to take a breath and look at the ratings of eyelash experts. Currently, there are uncountable lash services and unskilled lash experts. If you go for the best-rated lash expert, you will be satisfied with the result. Along with the ratings, have an excellent check about the charges per session; this will save you extra expenses. Try to choose the best-rated eyelash expert, they may charge you more, but it will be worth it. 


● Aftermath effects 


If you have decided to book eyelash experts, you can have a go; it will transform your eyelashes. While the modern eyelash process can ensure desired results, you can have some side effects. Incorrect eyelash extension application can give you eye irritation and discomfort or damage your natural lash growth. Before you go for eyelash extensions, consult your eyelash expert and inquire about the possible side effects. By this, you will be free from any aftermath side effects. 



All set and done; if you can get a solid idea about the cost of eyelash extensions, half of your work will be done. Ensure you follow the recommended things before you book an expert; this will make your eyelash extension journey smooth and exciting.