If you love to do different kinds of eye looks, then eyelash extensions can be the next big thing on your wish list. People with long eyelashes can do any eye look confidently and do not need to bear any hassle. Those who wish for a unique yet satisfying voluminous eye look can do eyelash extensions and see the magic in their eyes. So, if you want to make your eyelashes look beautiful, you can do eyelash extensions. You will surely be amazed by eyelash extension services Melbourne, but which lash style is right for you can be a quarry.  


Factors That Can Help You Decide Between Natural vs Dramatic Eyelash Extensions Style


Modern fashion lovers are obsessed with eyelash extensions and love to do various lash styles. But you have to decide which type is best for your face shape and looks good on your eyes. Different eyelash styles are available to stylists, and the standard two-lash styles are natural and dramatic. Before you decide on any lash style, some factors can help you decide on the right lash style. These are: 


● Self-preference 


Eyelashes can make the eyes look fuller and more voluminous; there is no doubt about it. However, it can be an issue if your lashes overpower your natural lashes. Natural eyelash extensions give a natural look to the eyes, giving an authentic lash look. It is hard to believe that anyone has done anything with lashes. At the same time, dramatic eyelash extensions add more volume and length and drama to eyelashes, making them look more eye-catching. So, you have to value your preferences and take detail about natural and dramatic eyelash styles. 


● Flexibility 


To make your eyes look full, any lash style, natural or dramatic, suits you best. But you have to know which lash style gives you flexibility- how comfortably you can use them in your lashes. Natural extension styles are classic and straightforward, providing nice thick eyelashes. To make your lashes look vibrant, the dramatic lash style can be your go-to option as it can give you pop drama, a glamorous eye look with a volume consisting of ever-so-lasting impact. 


● Usage 


You must be sure which lash style can be used for a long time. Natural lash style cannot be used for long, and you might need to use mascara to enhance the lashes. In the case of dramatic lash style, it gives you a more comprehensive lash look with more curl, length, and intensity. You can use dramatic lashes for a long time without mascara, and your eyes will look youthful. Upon your usage, you must choose the one lash style that can save you time and make you look confident with the fashionable look you carry. 


● Safety 


Lashes can be fun and exciting, adding to uplift your beauty, but you have to be aware of the lash’s safety. Before you choose natural or dramatic eyelashes, know how you can take them off your natural lashes. Some lash glue can be very stubborn and harm your natural lashes’ growth, so you have to know how to remove the fancy lashes with all safety. Natural eyelashes may come off quickly, but dramatic lashes may take extra time. Never forcefully remove the eyelashes, and read the safety instructions properly. 


● Aftermath effects 


Dramatic or natural lashes are both beautiful and the right choice for your eyes, but you must know about eyelash extensions’ aftermath effects. After you finish the lash extension style, some aftermath effects can be on your eyes. Mainly, the lash glue can give you some discomfort, like a bit of itching or watery eyes. Be it any lash style, you have to follow the precaution from your lash stylist strictly; your eyes will be protected, and the experimented lash style will be top noticed. 



On that note, if you are wondering which lash style is right for you, natural or dramatic, then look at the suggested factors; you will find your answer. Well, natural eyelash extensions or dramatic eyelash extensions are both ideal options for your eyes. Still, these lash styles are similar, making them unalike but worth your efforts.